Monday, June 09, 2008

Dog days already?! enough for you? Today is day 3 of the heat. The weather probably shouldn't even be a blog topic, but when it happens this early, it is! Right now, as I post this, it's warmer here (83 degrees) than it is in Orlando FL (81 degrees).

Now, technically it's not even summer yet (June 21), and here in CT the average temp for June 9 is 79. Yet today, it was in the 90s. According to the car, it reached 102! On the Merritt Parkway. At 5:30 PM. In the shade. Granted, some of that is probably reflected heat from the pavement but still...

It's so hot schools closed early today - and will again tomorrow. Good thing the bus driver called D to let him know Clare was waiting at the end of the street. I remember when it got hot toward the end of school, the nuns would make us put our heads down on our desk. And maybe, if they were so moved (ok, young and not cynical yet) would turn the lights off. And God forbid you use a paper to fan yourself. You were just making yourself hotter. Although, to be fair, perhaps it never got this hot. It just seemed that way.

Today brought out the inner slacker in me in full force. It was too hot to do anything else. And the weather feeds into my inner fantasy that I'm secretly a southern belle just looking for a porch to swing on while sipping my lemonade the entire afternoon (as if I were in a Pat Conroy/Anne Rivers Siddons/Dorothea Benton Frank novel).

Thanks goodness for air conditioning!!

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Blogger Elle*Bee said...

I feel your pain. Living in Southeast Louisiana, I know about heat and humidity. I also lived in the DC area...I find the temps higher up there (in the northeast) - but we in La. usually have more days over 90 degrees and have consistently higher humidity (95%+).

You're giving us a run for the money though, from what I'm hearing on the news. I hope you find relief soon. Relief for us will come in November. We're used to it. Try to stay cool.

10 June, 2008 00:51  
Blogger Sue said...

Elle, we're supposed to get some wicked thunderstorms this afternoon which will provide relief (it's only supposed to be 87 tomorrow, with lower humidity)... we just usually don't see this kind of weather until later in the summer!

10 June, 2008 09:06  

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