Wednesday, March 21, 2007

High School Never Ends

The video isn't safe for work - just warning you.

Tonight was the second Home School Association meeting of the school year. Someone owes me an hour and a half of my life back. I don't know if I could stand up there and explain things any better than the people who were trying to, but c'mon.

The treasurer was going over the financials and one parent felt the need to stand up and say things like "the Catholic High school does it this way instead of the way you're trying to do this" and "other Catholic grammar school with a larger, more wealthy parish makes X times what we do on this other thing". And why are some things counted toward the fundraising goal for the parents and others not counted (by things done by the development office)...

ARGH!! I felt like standing up and saying LOOK. This is the total amount the archdiocese says we have to raise. Either divide by the number of families attending the school or find some other way to raise it if you're that unhappy with the current structure.

And their attitude about the school needs some work too (I'm talking about the officers). "We can't really push because the parents have a choice as to where they send their kids"...Umm yeah, and they chose this school. There's only one other Catholic grammar school in the area. The elementary schools in the area are either acceptable or not and maybe that's a selling point. Let's not start on the public high school in the town....



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