Saturday, March 03, 2007

When did this happen?

D and I are watching the Travel Channel with their "Beach Blast Weekend" this weekend....and one hour is devoted to Florida's Best Beaches. Number 8 was Panama City Beach, which is apparently a huge spring break destination (population goes from 5,000 or so to 500,000).

The big place to stay is a Holiday Inn right on the beach. D says "how many kids have gotten hurt falling off those balconies?"

Next is a club where all the spring breakers go to party when they're not at the beach. Shown is this huge pool filled with spring breakers drinking. I remark "You might as well swim in the toilet"....

When did we get this old?



Blogger Elle*Bee said...

Are we getting older, or as my mother suggests, is the world getting stupider? I guess aging is our 'reward' for surviving doing silly things like partying on balconies and drunken pool parties...

05 March, 2007 17:54  

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