Friday, July 11, 2008

On the road again

I will post about my awesome 4th of July cake (courtesy of Pioneer Woman , who completely makes me want to quit my job, find a cowboy and move to a big square state and just cook and take pictures of my kids (I know, plural!)) but I’ve been busy.

June is a hugely busy month for the two agencies I manage (so much so that D thinks I have a second family in the Philly area) and add to that the fact that we’re supposed to audit a different agency once a year (thank you Mr Sarbannes & Mr. Oxley), I’ve been doing some traveling. I don’t mind, in fact I’m building up my bank of Marriott points so we can go away for a weekend this fall (almost have enough for two nights in Bahstahn! In a one bedroom at the Marriott vacation club!).

This past week I left for Denver. I love Denver. If Denver were closer to the ocean, I’d move in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, it’s not. I was hoping to time this trip so D and C could come with me and we could spend a long weekend, but the dates just didn’t work out this time (don’t worry, I’ve already started campaigning for the same audit next year).

So. I left bright and early Tuesday morning for Denver. Of course, leaving from our airport means you take the scenic route (ie. there’s a stopover somewhere) – I got to spend three hours in the Cincinnati KY airport (no, that’s not a mistake – it’s called Cincinnati airport but it’s actually located in Kentucky. Do I get to count both states for my “States I’ve been” map?). It’s actually a nice airport.

The flight from CVG to Denver left on time. I lucked out and there was no one in the middle seat of the row I was in (this will come in handy later, trust me). Flying time to Denver is only a little over two hours so I should be at the hotel and able to enjoy some time just wandering around.

Until the pilot comes on the PA and announces that there are thunderstorms over the Denver airport and we’ve been circling for almost an hour. The storms are moving to the East so we’ll “try to sneak in after them” otherwise we’ll be landing in Cheyenne. Circle. Circle. Circle some more.

Guess what? We’re landing in Cheyenne because we’re low on fuel now! And we’re fifth in line for refueling. Guess we’re gonna be here for awhile. The flight attendants just gave up and let everyone serve themselves, there was a mad dash for the lavatories, the headsets which were two dollars an hour and a half ago were now free (the better to watch the movie they were showing (Drillbit Taylor. Does that count as cruel and unusual punishment?).

Eventually we arrived in Denver. I checked into the hotel, ordered room service and went to bed.

Luckily the flights home were both on time and uneventful (although packed).

I think I’m traveling at least once a month from now through the end of October. It’s hard work supporting two families!

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Anonymous stepping over the junk said...

I LOVE Colorado. Spent ten summers flying in and out of Denver (and driving to the mountains to spend summer) I love it, a "free for all" on the plane.

15 July, 2008 19:01  
Blogger Elle*Bee said...

I'd love to visit Colorado. For some reason, I've never ventured west (just north and east).

17 July, 2008 18:21  
Blogger Elle*Bee said...

It's been a while since you've posted. Hope all is well.

27 August, 2008 18:25  

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