Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Still here

I'm still here - just have been in a rut this summer with work, traveling for work and trying to fit as much fun stuff as possible into the remaining time.

The travel's not over yet - I get to go to Dallas next week (and I am betting I will get stuck there since the hurricanes are lining up in the Atlantic and I have to connect through Charlotte), but once that trip is done I am pretty much done with my work travels until the end of October.

I think I was in the Marriott last week (with the inimitable Marriott smell (must be the cleaning products they use)) and it just crashed over me like a wave - I'm tired of traveling. Sure, when you first get out in the working world and get to travel new places it seems fun and glamorous, but then reality hits you in the face. You get tired of eating out all the time and just want some plain pasta with Ragu sauce (or insert your favorite comfort food here).

I am also tired of commuting but need to put my hands over my ears and say "la la la can't hear you" because that probably won't change anytime soon.

And, with all the traveling and commuting, I just feel boring. Get up, get ready, stop for coffee (which Dunkin Donuts somehow scews up 3 out of 5 days - how hard is a medium iced french vanilla, regular, to make correctly anyway?), drive, train, work, discuss politics (tired of that too and that's just going to get worse before it gets better), reverse commute...lather rinse repeat.

Boring. But still here. I'll try to be better once I get back from Texas.

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Blogger Mrs Big Dubya said...

We should connect off-line -- I work for a big insurance company closer to home..... if you are interested in making a change, maybe I can help

06 September, 2008 17:26  

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