Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bits N Pieces

Sorry to leave all 2 of you hanging there (although Mrs. Big Dubya was on vacation – welcome back! Hope you had a great time!)…life has been pretty hectic since I last posted – D’s mom is still in the hospital, and he’s been busy trying to manage things here and with her.

I got the relatively easy part – I just had to make all the calls to reschedule vacation. I hope work doesn’t mind all those calls to the 407 area code, but life is so much easier when I can put the phone on speaker while I’m on hold and do something else. I still have a few more calls to make (one to C’s teacher too, since the new vacation dates are while school is still in session).

And in the process of making those calls, I discovered a couple things. Disney has great (for the most part) customer service people on the ends of their phone numbers. Everyone was polite, and UNDERSTANDABLE. USAir, on the other hand, well, at least the confirmation I printed off their website after “speaking” to one of their reps confirms we’re still going to Orlando.

I saw a robin this morning, but I still don’t think it’s spring. I’m sorry, but 34 degrees is cold. Heck, I still blast the heater in the car when the temp outside is showing 49 or 50. C wants to start wearing her new spring clothes in the worst way, but she’s stuck wearing the winter clothes she’s grown out of already because a. there’s no winter clothes in the stores anymore, and b. she’d get frostbite if she went out in her sundress.

I know I’ve moaned about being old (having turned a significant number in January) but I haven’t really felt old until just recently. A friend of C’s had a birthday party at a roller skating rink in the city a half hour south of us, so we all went. C has roller skates, but doesn’t really use them, so I said I would help her learn to skate. I thought, how hard could this be, I used to do this all the time in seventh/eighth grade. Hah! I ended up proving all of Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion. How sad is it when the little referee seems concerned about you? Luckily, the bruises are starting to fade (and only the one on my elbow was visible). And C wants to go again!

And finally, I have proof most guys are clueless. I know I’ve said before I work with mostly fiftysomething men. I had my hair appointment this past Saturday – and did something a little different with the color (ok, so C said I looked like Kim Possible. “Your hair is orange, mommy”. Thanks kid) – not crazy, but different. NOT ONE PERSON at work noticed (or maybe they did notice and didn’t say anything. Now I’m getting self conscious!). ARGH...

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