Monday, January 29, 2007

Time out

I will be away on a business trip for the next few days, but promise to continue the trip report when I return.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Trip, Part I

We flew down to FL the day before the cruise ship left – seeing as we are in New England and the weather can be iffy (not this year!). Having learned a lesson from last year (that getting up at 4:00 am and a Disney park do not the happiest people make) we decided we would just relax at the hotel (we stayed at the Polynesian).

As I check us in, C wanders off to start doing the hula in the lobby (it was an activity going on at the time). She loved it, and the women running the activity gave her a little card certifying it as a “magical moment” or something (I stuck it in one of the 3 books I brought on the trip – and only read half of one!)

The Polynesian was incredible – we had a first floor room right near the pool. It was warm enough that we changed and went swimming. Of course, once we’re in the pool, we realize how chilly it is (not very, but our blood is still thin from the mild winter we’d been enjoying!). So we change back and wander around a bit until it’s time for dinner. We ate at ‘Ohana, which is the restaurant at the Polynesian. It was good – family style – the servers brought everything to the table. There was some sort of activity (coconut race?) that D and C participated in, and a Hawaiian singer (no Don Ho, but then who is? D and I were actually on stage with Don Ho on our honeymoon).

The next morning we were up and ready to go, except the bus to the ship wasn’t coming until noon-ish. So we had breakfast, rode the monorail and tried to kill some time. Once the bus came we were on our way! We arrived at the ship’s terminal about an hour later, and I got in line to check us in (anyone noticing the pattern?). There was so much we wanted to do! Lunch, swim, check out our stateroom…..And there were a lot of people there already!

We have the emergency drill (put on the life jackets and go to our assigned station) and then get ready for the sail away party. I love when the ship sails away – the horn sounds, and on the Disney ships the horn plays the first few notes of “When you wish upon a star”….and we’re off! Crossing the gulfstream out of Florida you definitely notice the motion of the waves but it’s nothing that makes us seasick. C didn’t even comment on it this year.

Our dinner was at 5:30 (one of the earliest seatings). We’re seated with a family from Cape Cod with a son who is approximately C’s age. So we make small talk and just enjoy our first dinner on the ship. Later C wants to go to her “club”. I didn’t think we could just leave her there the first night, but she wanted to stay, and the counselors said it was ok, so D and I went and had a martini.

Waking up it was a beautiful sunny day! We weren’t scheduled to arrive in Key West until noon (and then the ship needed to be “cleared” before we could get off) so we went to the pool after having some breakfast. D and C spent the morning playing in the hot tub, Mickey pool and Goofy pool, while I tried to read my book. We grabbed some lunch, and asked C if she wanted to get off the ship and explore with us. She had no interest in doing that, so we changed and brought her to her “club”. D and I left to spend a few hours checking out Key West.

I liked Key West. Definitely not for kids, but fun for adults. We had gotten gift certificates to Margaritaville for Christmas, so our first stop was there. For not so big an island, we had a time finding it! D stopped and asked for directions, and we weren’t that far away, so off we went. We got t-shirts for ourselves and a couple other people, and then decided it was 5 o’clock somewhere.

I didn’t want to have a drink at Margaritaville, so we ended up at Sloppy Joe’s. That was an awesome place. I love stopping someplace where it’s cool and dark inside and all open to the outside. We had a couple adult beverages and decided we needed to get back before we became permanent fixtures there. But no one was getting scurvy that week, I can tell you that.

Next up, Grand Cayman, Cozumel and Castaway Cay.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Can I hibernate until it gets warm again here too??




CASTAWAY CAY (Disney's private island in the Bahamas)


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Don't be a guy, be a man!

Say Anything was on tonight. Sigh.

If I could string more than two sentences together I'd have a thoughtful, coherent post up, but....vacation the day after tomorrow, plus John Cusack....

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Rush Hour

To the guy in the BMW tonight:

Dude, those were some serious mad driving skillz! Squeezing in between me and the car in front of me like that? Then hitting your brakes when I applauded your daring, your skills, your obvious lack of penile length?

For future reference, please note the following:
1.the car I drive is completely paid for; and
2. it has 191,500 miles on it; and
3. a simple rear end accident wouldn't even make the insurance company blink.

So go ahead, play games. I've been wanting a new car.



Friday, January 05, 2007

Birthday month!

D likes to tease because in my family, our birthdays are all in the October thru January stretch. His is the only one that falls outside those months – even my sister-in-law’s birthday is in December.

January is especially loaded with birthdays. It starts on the 14th, with my brother’s birthday (why yes, he was born eight days before my first birthday. Slightly premature, but has since made up for it most impressively (say, 6 feet 4 inches tall and a lot of pounds. Not bad for starting out around five pounds)). Then my birthday on the 22nd, and my niece’s birthday on the 24th.

And if that weren’t enough, the birthday party floodgates opened from kindergarten as well. If we weren’t going away the middle of this month, we’d have birthday parties to go to each weekend (and twice on one weekend!). Yes, I realize that the school rule is that everyone needs to be invited to birthday parties, but we’ve already gotten 4 invitations, and I know for certain there’s one more on the way.

I’m starting to feel a wee bit guilty for not having a school party for C this year, but I didn’t realize that everyone else would be having a party with the class. Growing up (and maybe this is a result of the late 70’s/blue collar background I have) I don’t remember ever going to a classmate’s birthday party. I don’t think there were any until about middle school age, when a girl in my class had a slumber party. Heck, I’ve even had to make my own birthday cake one year! (Although my grandma would come through with a fruitcake with pink and green frosting. Pink and green because those were the only food colors she had, and fruitcake? I think she thought everyone liked it).

So back out into the wild world of Wal Mart this weekend for yet another birthday present and card. Luckily I will shop for my family on our vacation. Think my 11 year old niece would like some tequila with a worm in it from Mexico??

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!!

This picture was taken on New Year's Eve (during the day. Pay no attention to the compromising position of Hello Kitty and White Bear on the other swing.They started celebrating a bit early.). It was in the 40's - in Connecticut - on New Year's Eve. It rained all New Year's Day, and was in the 40's again today. There is no snow forecast for the next eight days. In fact, it could reach almost 60 on Saturday.

I suppose an alternate title for this post could be "I love global warming" but I'm not sure how that would be recieved. I realize that there are very real dangers to global warming, but man, I am loving this no snow, warm (for Connecticut anyway) winter. Some people believe that we will have to make up for this lack of snow at some point, probably with a huge snowstorm/blizzard that will trap us indoors for a couple days. I say, if that happens, I will just call in to my boss and tell him I'll see him in the spring.