Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thank you Judy Blume!

In surfing the net, I found this awesome site – fun to play and for a good cause!

Free Rice will donate 20 grains of rice to the UN for every vocabulary word you get correct. I thought I had a pretty good command of the English language, but apparently not! My best level was 41.

One of my words was flense. And thanks to Judy Blume’s Blubber (which I read many many moons ago) I knew it meant to “strip blubber from”.

See? You learn something new every day! Now go play!


Friday, November 23, 2007


Ok, I probably shouldn't post after a few glasses of wine...but we saw Enchanted today and it has become one of my favorite movies...I should mouth the feminist line and say it was empowering because the princess actually saved the guy for once, but screw that. I love Patrick Dempsey. (I probably have since Can't Buy Me Love. And he's one that's improved with age!) He's on the list. You know, the list - that list of people that you and your significant other can leave each other for (if that person ever showed up in your life and asked you to leave). What? You don't have a list like that? Just me? ok, oh well.

Anyway, a very cute movie that just hits when you're in the mood for some spun sugar confection - light, not filling but exactly what you want and need at the time. Everyone liked it. Could it be better? Oh sure, but life's not perfect either.

GO see Enchanted.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New Post! New Post!

My poor neglected blog. I have ignored you, posted only quick, picture posts, and you still stay with me. I’m so lame I have nothing to post and have been falling asleep around 9 on the couch and you’re still here, waiting patiently.

How can I make it up to you?

Too late for NaBlopomoblopputy or whatever it is (the “post every day in the month of November” thingy). Besides, do you know how busy November is? Two birthdays and a major holiday, plus travel for work…Not happening.

I can’t be the only one who feels like this entire year has flown by much too quickly, can I? How did we get to November already? C’s birthday is tomorrow. I could try to dredge up some recollection of her birth story but it’s really not that exciting. Wake up wicked early, call the hospital, go in for induction, hang around for 18 hours, push baby out. I do remember that the night before she was born was one of the best nights’ sleep I had gotten in quite a while. Or maybe it’s that it was the last full nights sleep for the rest of 2001.

I finished a really good book last week (The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory). Historical fiction about Anne Boleyn and her sister Mary. I resisted picking it up for too long because I had read a few other of Ms. Gregory’s books and she’s not an author I have on my “must read every single one of her paperbacks” list. Now I’m onto Judith McNaught’s Kingdom of Dreams which is probably best termed romantic fiction. But it’s entertaining, so…although I do hate the fact that I get so “into” my books that I just want to hide away until they’re finished. And on the list for the next house is definitely a large master bath with a huge bathtub so I can soak and read. I miss that.

Election day yesterday – thankfully the candidate that won was one that was the better choice. I think the whole town realized that too, since the margin of victory was huuuuuge. And if I described the candidates you could totally figure out where I live, since they both were pretty unusual. And, I’d like to add, I really like the new optical scan machines CT used. I’m sure there’s some less technical people who hated it (I’m looking at the large elderly population in my city, yes them!) but I thought it was very easy to use – how hard is it to fill in a dot with the pen they provide and stick the whole sheet in a scanner?

C’s school had their annual silent auction last weekend – D and I dressed up and I let my competitive nature take over again. Although this time, there wasn’t as much “stuff” I wanted to bid on. Tickets to Wicked, sure, but the winning bid was what I could buy them for from Ticketmaster so I’m not too disappointed. We did end up getting a semester at the local ballet school for less than a semester would cost (along with a leotard and tights) so I thought that was a good bargain (and it will be part of C’s Christmas present).

Speaking of Christmas, the cafeteria at work was playing Christmas music today! I’m not ready! And I’ve already seen a few Christmas commercials…it’s too early! I haven’t even thought about shopping yet…

I will try to be better about posting!

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