Monday, November 21, 2005

Cast of Characters

I suppose I should introduce you to the various people who will be populating this blog. First there's me - S for short. I'm in my late 30's and have worked in insurance since the early 90's... back when I graduated college there were no jobs (not any jobs for anyone who graduated fourth from the bottom of her class anyway) so I did some temp work and fell into insurance. For $7 a hour to start! Hey, I could at least start paying my student loans back.

My husband is D. He is over educated (masters, and a doctorate! even he admits he does well on bubble tests) and in my opinion, underemployed. In his opinion, he's happier than a pig in poop. A lot of venting will be going on about our differences in opinion. I'm just warning you. We have known each other for most of our lives. But we didn't like like each other until about eight years ago. Or maybe that was the Long Island Ice Teas talking.

And then, four years ago, along came C. I always pictured myself with 4 boys (also living at the beach) so it was an adjustment in more ways than one. She is a very girly girl - dresses, dolls, the whole nine yards. I grew up with brothers and more boy cousins than girl cousins, so this is all new to me. Sometimes I forget she's only four because she acts older.

D is an only child. His mom (MIL) is older and a widow. This will make for some interesting conversations, not only because she's also very hard of hearing.

I have two brothers, both younger. A sister in law, and two nieces. They might play bit parts. My mom passed away about a year and a half ago, very unexpectedly. My dad was supposed to go first (he has a serious condition - not currently life threatening, but eventually), and this has caused lots of fun times since we don't seem to communicate all that well. Stories (and there will be stories) to follow.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Welcome to my blog! I decided to start this blog since I used to journal/diary in high school and college (lo these many years ago!) and thought it would be a way to keep busy while the husband works and the child sleeps. I work outside the home but have a traditional, Monday through Friday workweek. The husband has what should be a more flexible schedule with nights and weekends, but usually ends up working more like 60-80 hours a week instead of taking time off during the week to compensate for working the weekend. Don't get me started.

I work at Large Anomyous Insurance Company. Don't ask me health insurance questions - I work for a Property Casualty company. And I can't really help with your auto or homeowners - I handle commercial insurance. Yes, insurance is boring, but the people you work with make it more like a soap opera. Only with boring insurance terms thrown in.

We moved to the town my husband grew up in about a year and a half ago, when he got the aforementioned job. His dream job. We have one daughter, who just turned four. Going on forty sometimes.

Welcome, make yourself at home. Hopefully I'll keep you entertained. Warning - I tend to get sarcastic and cynical (thank you insurance!)......